Some of the Tips to Purchase Ear Buds

Choosing the best ear buds

Music is life. With many people, they consider it as a part of their life. To enjoy the great music in most of activity, you also need to a suitable pair of best wireless earbuds for working out. If the chosen type is ear buds and pick one in your selected list, these below tips will be beneficial to you in order to select a right set of ear buds for yourself. Let’s see!

Some of The Tips to Purchase Ear Buds

If you do not want the first choice that is a wrong one, you should be truthful with yourself.

  1. Your budget is enough

In fact, how much is the ear buds that you want to own? Let’s be frank! There is considered as the first issue before choosing to buy the ear buds. When defining your budget, you will limit the model to select and begin willing to spend.

  1. The purpose of use

If you only utilize the earphones so as to listen to music or audio book occasionally, an expensive couple of ear buds will not be necessary. You only need to purchase a cheap one, but it is comfortable. On the other hand, in case you utilize them for running or enjoy the best valuable sound, you will need another consideration.

  1. The material of the ear buds

The metal ear buds are better and more durable

There is also an essential factor when looking for buying a pair of ear buds. In general, the majority of consumers chooses the metal ear buds because it is pretty durable compared to the plastic ear buds.

  1. The ear buds with a strain relief

It can say that the fastest way makes your ear buds broken when its wire is ripped out. Consequently, it is significant that you have to test the strain relief in which the cord is connected to the ear buds. It means that a rubber piece is pretty thick so as to protect the wire when shorting out.

  1. The ear buds must fit your ears

Let’s select the ear buds with a variety of size tips

It is not easy to know which one fit your ears if you do not try experiencing. At the previous time, many people complain that the ear buds are easy to fall out of ears theirs. The main cause is due to it does not have the correct-size tip in order to fit ears theirs. However, now, there is not a problem when a large number of models come with a variety of size tips. Therefore, it is sure that you check this one before choosing to buy one.

  1. The diameter of the speaker

A common rule for the choice is the bigger the better. This one is in accordance with the speaker of the ear buds. Obviously, the speaker of this type earphones is super small, so a bigger speaker will be able to help bring the high-quality sound.

  1. The additional accessories of the ear buds

Before women leave their house, they need to have enough the accessories. Similarly, when you purchase a couple of ear buds, you also need to reach full of the essential accessories that include a cable, Skype adapter, extension cable, and so on. Of course, you will be difficult to get everything with each of the pairs of ear buds, but you can still receive the object better.

  1. The frequency

Frequently, the earphones are able to hear from 20 Hz – 20k Hz, so it is sure that you have to have one ear buds at least in this range.

  1. The appearance

Many people say that they are not seriously the appearance – it is not true. Actually, no one wants to own a bulky big object, including the ear buds.

  1. The ability to prevent the external noise

The majority of the ear buds can very likely isolate the sound around. It means that they have the ability to prevent the external noise surrounding. This is an important thing that forces you to have to consider when buying one.

In sum, there is a useful list. Although it is not too detailed, you still will be able to get the best ear buds if you follow these tips. Lucky shopping!

Do You Know All These Living Room Furniture And Their Usage?

Living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, so that’s the reason why it must be well decorated. In fact, there are many types of furniture for you to choose, but it’s quite a challenge for you to know what is good for your room style and decoration. The options are countless, but you should know what to choose because you can’t put all of them into your living room without any arrangements. Maybe you can use the best ceiling fans from the online store and pass the vintage coffee table, or use some wall cabinets instead of living room wardrobe. In this article, I will show you some types of living room furniture so that you can decide which one is the best for your room style.

room style

Basically, living room is the place mostly used for welcoming guests when they visit you, or it’s a lovely place for your family to gather around daily. This is also the place where you can demonstrate your style and characteristics. So I’m pretty sure that you would love to spend time in decorating the living room with your own style.

There are many factors that can affect the living room furniture demand, but to my opinion, the most important 3 features is budget (how much money you have and how you can spend), the taste of decoration (which one would you like and which one is your favorite based on colors, shapes and styles) and last but not least – the theme of the living room (how you create the background of the room, which color would be the main tone…). After answering those question, you can find it easy and fun doing this home improvement job for your house. Make sure that you can know the importance of certain type of furniture, so that you can choose the essential ones for your living room. Below are some suggestions for you to consider.

  1. Chairs

It’s a very important type of living room furniture for any houses. Yet there are many types of chairs, but you must know your current theme and background of your living room, so that the chairs you choose could perfectly fit into. You know that if the chairs don’t go well with other components of the house, it would be a completely failure that you can’t fix easily.

Living room Chairs

You can choose from wide range of chairs: from the rocking chair for elders to the folding chairs if your living room is quite small and needs spaces whenever there’s no guests around. Or you can choose a bean bag chair – a kid’s favorite. The chairs can be used in many purposes if you know how, and the arrangement for seats can become much easier with the appearance of chairs.

  1. Sofas

Sofas are the furniture that completes the living room. It’s the essential part of the room. Without some sofas, living room might not have its spirit as well. You can search for the types of sofas on the internet. The stores have many sizes, shapes and colors that you might interested in. In addition, notice the materials of the sofas. It is decided mostly by the style of your room.

  1. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans

Nowadays, people tend to use ceiling fans instead of air conditioner, because they want to save the money and energy, and also the decorative purpose as well. The ceiling fan is very easy to choose because there are many types that are introducing on market. Beside, ceiling fans with lamps can be a good spotlight on the living room ceiling. It can be used to cover the weaknesses of small and narrow living room. The ceiling fan is very good at making the air in living room move inside and outside thus makes the atmosphere refreshing and relaxed.

Of course there is so much other living room furniture that I want to show you, so you can have a brief look at those choices. Although the furniture is in wide range of selection, you should remember 3 main factors that I told you about living room decoration. Don’t overpay for anything if you’re not sure about applying it into your house.

Cooking Tips You Might Not Know About the Slow Cooker

In the modern life, not all people have enough time to prepare a well – cooked meal with many dishes at the same time. They don’t have all the time to cook each dish separately. That’s why people invented the slow cooker. It is a kitchen appliance that helps you to hand free from having to wait and adjust the ingredients continuously during the cooking process. You just need to prepare the ingredients, push the buttons and the food will be cooked for you – of course automatically. However, cook a dish using the slow cooker is very far from using it for the whole meal but still keep the flavor and the color of the food. Even the best slow cooker needs a handy housewife to work with its best. In this article, I will show you some small cooking tips to be a handy cook.

best slow cooker

Never forget to boost up the flavors!

This tips is like an extra step to make your meal more colorful and mouth – watering. It’s not a must – have step for every cuisine. You can follow this or not if you don’t have time for some decorations and flavor adding. If you are in a hurry, just pour all of them inside the pot and leave it there until the food is cooked perfectly. The food is still good though.

On the other hand, the food would be so delicious and colorful if it has some little extra preparations. The meat is perfect with a brown and crunchy coat, the skillet would be perfect for some pre – fry for a little brown coat outside the meat. You can do the same thing with the vegetables. The coat can be kept with the meat or it can be put inside the slow cooker to increase the flavor for the cuisine. You can’t imagine the effects until you try doing it. It would be like no others.

The temperature is the key factor!

Some people say that no matter how you use the slow cooker, the food will still be fresh and juicy. It has a point I have to admit, but not with the wrong temperature. Basically, the heat can cook the food without damaging the nutrition inside, but it can also harm the food from the inside.

There is a range of temperature called “Danger Zone” which is between 40 degrees and roughly around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you know why this heat range is danger? Because it is the best environment for the bacteria to develops and breeds. That’s why you should not keep the food inside the cooker for too long without turning it on.

Slow cooking

Frozen ingredients are very dangerous to cook not because of the heat comparison. It’s because of the heating process. If the food is too cold, the cooker can heat it up fast enough and that would be the perfect condition for the bacteria to grow up.

To avoid falling into the Danger Zone, don’t try to cook the food without slicing it into small pieces. If you try to cook the whole fish or a big duck, even though the size of the cooking pot is still fit, because of the volume taken by the food, it would not be cooked evenly both inside and outside. Therefore to guarantee the food safety, you should divide the vegetables or the meat into small pieces and cook with moderate heat. Of course the time taken to cook the food would be longer but it would be safer and the temperature would be far from the Danger Zone.

In almost every recipe, there is a size limit and a heat instruction for the cuisine. With the size, it would normally more than 5 to 6 quarts so that the slow cooker would not be under filled. So if your family is not crowded of people, you can cook once for more than 2 meals. Just make sure that your food is satisfied with the food safety. Another thing is about the heat. You have to follow the rules so that the food can be cooked perfectly. Don’t forget to check the cooker for about 30 minutes before serving the meal.

Things You Should Know about Fish Finders

Since ages experience, patience, wittiness and labour has been the prime source for catching tons of fish. Fishing activity lures abundance of people and they put all their effort to get hold of their favourite one. Earlier the journey of catching fish was tricky and result depends on luck. But the invention of GPS sonar device called as fish finder has brought a boom to the fish catching industry and it services excellently in locating the spot where fishes can be found largely. The convenience of spot location enables fishermen to catch fishes of their choice with high ease and comfort. The working system of fish finder is very simple and can be learnt instantly, but to do so it is of high importance to fully settle in mind fish finder information and then begin the fishing journey.

How a Fish Finder performs?

An electronic device fish finder consists of a display and a transducer which coherently work to spot the exact positioning of fishes and an integrated GPS device provide information about the location where the boat is standing or moving. Not the entire fish finder comes with integrated GPS as it increases the price. Low price finders only come with transducer, thermo cline (to detect water temperature) and a display. Let us get into deep knowledge of fish finders with accurate information.

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Best Reasons of using Vacuum Sealer


There are many linked with ways that they some form of vacuum sealer you will save us dollars. Allow me to point out the very best vacuum sealers, this may be what you need at this time. You can easily carry spectacular for the extended time, outlet non-permanent create a prolonged time, put money into components offered besides using significant, besides outlet versions grass develop for the extended time. If you try and take spectacular, anyone acknowledges a lot involving folks simply throw away a lot of food.

Best reasons:

  • Know what try and take spectacular, economic climate can be in your favor. Purchase non-permanent fresh fruits along with veggies every time they usually are additional brand-new besides low-priced.
  • The tastes men and women acknowledge of which brand-new grass create would seem in excess of store-bought create this is far more old.
  • Likewise, goods that are general throughout calendar year incorporate the naturally greater flavoring compared to over and above calendar year physical objects.
  • As soon as you purchase brand-new fresh fruits along with veggies, using the calendar year, an item routines make fish freezing fresh fruits along with veggies really should have drastically greater flavoring.
  • It actually can be straightforward to secure a technique to outlet versions foods besides fresh fruits along with veggies long-term. It happens to be far easier to help your outlet everything long-term and then try and take an item as you are expecting.
  • If you’re being forced to relish supper ahead of an item corrupts, this can be simply not straightforward.
  • It is additionally straightforward to get household dark physical objects all-around. A lot of people appreciate having the grass create that’s dark beside help the idea.
  • One of them can be, if you need brand-new environment-friendly pinto along with dark-colored pinto beans, vacuum drawing a line under a great deal of these individuals through the warm weather besides try and take hundreds of food cold weather quite long.
  • You will find getting ready results right vacuum sealer. Throughout as their sale made positive aspects, you can easily marinade foods besides drawing a line under an item for that reason created for rapid getting ready.
  • A number of people be aware that a lot of people simply tend to combine resources in a very vacuum sealer handbag since the process locks throughout each of this specific variations besides can keep subject succulent.
  • You can even dry out fresh fruits along with veggies and then work your vacuum sealer to create dry out cereal.
  • Many of us consider the number of this specific Your These particular language words take pleasure in supper.
  • Precisely what a lot of people comprehensive may be to combine this specific resources in a very vacuum dark handbag and then create food an item through the handbag.

Finally, when anyone look at getting readily implies, maybe you’ve got considered that will be getting a ready course of action throughout doing work get. Much of the chefs from the Supper Group of friends help correct video slot vacuum sealers created for this specific getting ready. Having said that, at the moment the price involving correct video slot vacuum sealers is often decreasing being sure that several householders are frequently purchasing these individuals.

Save Cooking Time to Take Care of Your Family


Cooking becomes a daily activity for most of households. However, how to save your time and money might be the common interested point. It can not be refused that cooking takes fairly time and money. It is easy to transfer the complex situation into more simple transition of easy cooking. There are some secrets for hit the reach of top of quick and nutritious cooking method. Here is released.

Time Saving

  • Pressure cooker: To save time of cooking, the first thing you need to do is providing your kitchen all needed kitchen utensils. Let take even a quick look at some repute suggestion before making any purchase. For instance, if you are looking for a high quality pressure cooker, you should look at some pressure cooker reviews to have a perfect choice. As far as I am concerned, the cooking productivity can be raised significantly and save up to 70 percent the total cooking time. You will finish your cooking in no time at all. It takes less time for all ingredients are well done and ready to be put on your dinning table.
  • Crock Pot: Generally, people often use some crock pots for their dinner. It is said that cooking by crock pot is the simple cooking method. If you are a big fan of man meals using crock pot, it would be easy to meet a suitable guide book relating to your concerned.
  • Food Processor: In addition, I would like to recommend you another tool named the food processor. On some holidays or personal special days, you might take several entire days to prepare for the meals. In this case, the food processor and slice, chop and dice will be your great assistant. After cooking, what you need to do is wrap the food and bag them then put it into the refrigerator. It will be save the amount of waste time when finishing all easy cooking recipes and store it for a long term using. It will be hot and ready for the meals. Then set the table for your family in just approximately 20 minutes.

Cooking Books – An Useful Types of Book for You

The ideas cooking nutritious meals and easy making recipes would be the wonderful choice for you. You are probably looking for some things new on abundant favorite cooking books collection to figure out the passion of making food on your own. Some people also have a habit of revisiting their old recipe they used to do and renewing it on creative way.

It is not only read the cooking book complied by many well known chefs but also you can write by taking note your own recipe that you enjoy. Imagine that you had a guide book written about several nutritious dishes. Is it cool? It is a fabulous idea, isn’t it?

Donate Free Cooking Time to Teach Your Children

Even though you choose a pressure cooker or a crock pot, it is sure that you will get a lot of benefits of saving time. You will have free time even while cooking to enjoyable teaching your children how to cook a favorite dish and help them improve skillful personal talents. Each new cooking idea is a fabulous experiment in life. By cooking with your child, it is a natural way to help them enhance personal skills and create their positive personalities as adults. You are no need to teach them complex and complete recipe. It would be some part of the process or just help you take some kitchen tools like a spoon, pork, chopstick or some things like that.

In other words, cooking with your child is the genius idea because of abundant positive effects. It is also build up your close nit relationship between family members.

Be Careful to Choose Modern Kitchen Devices

pressure cooker reviewsIn the market, it is so confuse to choose the best device for your house. Thus, let visiting some stoves, microwaves or pressure cooker reviews which will help you figure out the most suitable one for you. This is also the reliable suggestion to make a deal purchase. It includes high quality product with their reasonable price. Wish you had a great decision to enjoy your favorite hobby and save your time to take care of your lovely family members.


live show

Today, we are quite familiar with the emergence of live shows which shows the challenges and talents of a band. To become an attractive live show, manufacturers have to work under high pressure and good attitude for making a musical event. There are always a carefully preparation on the equipment including the high quality micro, the record player and some musical instruments. Whatever you choose, micros, equipment or record player reviews might be your great suggestion.

  1. Well Organized Equipment

The careful organization plays an important role in the success of a live performance. The most necessary thing need to be done is the equipment preparation. Generally, a ban that plays live has to make sure that they do not have any trouble. In other word, all things need to be perfect. Besides, the best way to save time and have a professional working style is spending a little bit time after the shows putting all things back on their position in a neat storage including fashions in their own order and do not disarrange that things until the next performance which is expected to occur in just several days.

Music Shop

Once again, you needn’t to setup the things at your private house because of its simplicity, but for the various things of your performance, you have to separate them in a gig bag for a special storage. Be sure that these things are in the right place and easy to look for whenever you need. It will be waste of time on looking for some things. These works indicate your profession in working style. Particularly, it has to take care of the high technology devices like the musical instruments, micros, color lights, etc. The sounds made by these devices might lead to how beautiful music is produced. That is the reason why you need to keep in mind the importance of that.

  1. Enough Time To Set up

Another thing you should care is spend enough time setting up so that you will not stuck in abundant work need doing. In my opinion, I personally break things into small pieces because of its simplicity. Make sure that you never get the rushed felling before any gigs.

In addition, it is important to say that not only the equipment needs to be prepared but also your own emotion is had a confidence. The solidarity plays a vital role in any path we go to resolve many problem we might encounter on your ways to the top of career. That is due to the fact that you have to encourage and support your band mates who are getting drawbacks. Moreover, do not prepare to the next live show too early because you have to take a long time to wait until the performance date. Setting up, as all things in exceed, have its both advantages and disadvantages. Doing these things in the wrong time might lead to the unexpected result. To have a great show, you should find out how you could stay far away distractors at the concerts. The better you focus on your plays, the more successful you become. At the result, it will bring you the taste of happiness in your own top career.

  1. Have Enough Time to Warm up

To have a successful live show, you need a little time to warm up. It depends on how long your concert set will be taking pace. It is a-hour-performance or just a-ten-minute live show. In an audience’s role, I am also attracted by the warming up time. It brings me the best interest that is ready for the real upstart of the concert. This working is the change to check the preparing accomplishment whether good enough as well.

Nowadays, there is a variety of solutions for the beginning time of a performance to help people enjoy and then more concentrate on the real musical show such as clown performance, quick quiz, interview the audience… There no doubt to say that the idea for warming up time is more and more creative in all the world because of the genius brains of human beings.


These suggestions you need to keep in mind to have a gorgeous live concert:

  • Store all things logical and in order
  • Use the good equipment including the high quality micro, the best record player, good -working musical instruments
  • Spend enough time for preparation
  • Have a few minutes to warm up your performance
  • Be confident and support your band mates


As far as I am concerned, these things are essential for a great live show. Today, thank to the development of high technology, the quality of live concert is higher day by day. In fact, even thought there are many ways you might know to manage your plays. However, I hope that my tips would be valuable with you though how little these suggestions are.

For The Home That Has Everything

In just 30 minutes, your boss is visiting you at home to discuss some business that cannot wait until morning. Looking over your living room, you panic: The table is covered with sticky juice rings from junior’s bottle, an abandoned minefield of toys lies waiting for a victim, and the carpet is filthy.

“Vacuum the floor and clean the table while I pick up the toys,” you tell your helper. But you aren’t talking to the maid or the butler. Your short, simple commands are interpreted by a three-foot-high mass of sheet metal and circuitry–your personal robot. A moment later, it is busy whirring across the carpet, sucking up dirt with its built-in vacuum cleaner and avoiding the toys as it moves along.

Although this scenario may sound farfetched, Unimation, the biggest and oldest robot manufacturer (now a subsidiary of Westinghouse), is working on it. “The home robot that cleans your house is entirely feasible from a technical point of view,” says Ira Pence, Unimation vice president of engineering. “We can create a home robot now. Only the high costs are holding us back.”

home robot

Unimation expects to get those costs down and produce an affodable mobile home robot. According to Pence, the company plans to produce a prototype in two years and begin deliveries by 1988. It expects the market to be led by people who like to be first with anything new. “There weren’t enough programs to make television worthwhile at first, but people bought them because they were a status symbol,” Pence notes. “Once the status seekers purchse home robots, others are likely to follow. Then we will be in business.”

Unimation envisions a voice-activated home robot that would carry its own on-board computer, controlled by simple verb-object spoken commands. Because the robot will move on its own, it will carry sight sensors so that it can avoid bumping into objects in a room. It will be self-propelled, with a battery-powered electric engine in its base (the batteries will recharge overnight). Programming will be kept at a minimum; instead, the robot will be set up with the help of a Unimation technician, who will key in the floor plan of a user’s house.

If the user moves some furnitue around, the robot will be able to reprogram itself. “In a sense, the robot will be like a blind person,” Pence explains. “It might bump into a chair that has been moved and then take 15 minutes or so to measure all the parameters and recalculate the chair’s relation to the other furniture. It ight take several hours reestablishing a drastically changed floor plan, but the chore could be done when nobody is at home.”

Unimation figures it could build a home robot now for about $250,000, much more than any but the richest of households could afford. It plans to get the price down to $12,000 through the further miniaturization of electronic components.

The butlers did it

What kind of amenities does it take for a new luxury hotel in downtown Los Angeles to woo the kind of affluent clientele that would sooner frequent one of the many elite properties located in the sanctuary of outer suburbia?

Room Service

Maybe it’s a list of posh delights fit for a king: four motion picture theaters, health club, tennis and racquetball facilities, personalized wake-up service, multi-lingual concierge, 24-hour room-service, triple-sheeted beds and a bathroom one could live in with imported marble, telephone, AM/FM stereo sound, imported soaps and lotions beautifully packaged with the hotel’s bird of paradise logo, bath sheets the size of beach towels loofa sponge, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream and razor, large shoe horn and sewing kit.

All very impressive. But, the crowning glory for the year-old 470-room Sheraton Grande hotel is that each floor boasts a personal butler ready to meet every guest’s personal needs from shoe shines to party planning.

From the moment a guest steps into the hotel’s main lobby, he or she is met by a bellman who introduces he guest to the head butler for the shift. On the way to their rooms, guests are informed of the unique service in greater detail. After the guest has settled into his room, the floor butler will stop by to introduce himself and present a plush robe and ice, capping off the elaborate amenities presentation. He will turn down the guest’s bed at night and offer coffee, tea and newspaper in the morning. In addition, each of the ten floors is equipped with a fully-stocked butler’s pantry to take care of all those special needs such as pants pressing, shoe shines and refrigeration of a guest’s food items or special medications.

And… make the service totally accessible to the guest, each butler is equipped with a portable Cobra phone. The guest need only enter two digits on his room phone to instantly contact his butler. No need to go through an operator to relay a message back to the butler.

“The major feature of this hotel is its service style,” relates Robert Foster, general manager of The Sheraton Grande. “Butlers are a first for Los Angeles and for Sheraton hotels worldwide,” he claims. “Every guest here is treated the same at an extremely high level of service.” Room rates range from $135 for a standard accommodation to $550 for the deluxe California suite.

To provide the butler service requires an annual investment in salary, uniforms and supplies of half-a-million dollars. With occupancy rates in the mid to upper 70’s, Foster looks for the butlers to provide the hotel its major ammunition against its competition. His philosophy: “The best customer we have for the future is the one we have today.”

Turnaround strategy: Domino’s Pizza

PizzaFor the past 20 years, Tom Monaghan has managed to steer his pizza delivery chain through adversity. Despite near bankruptcy, a major lawsuit over the use of its name, two partnerships turned sour, and a devastating fire, Monaghan never lost his sense of direction. Now, Domino’s is the second largest pizza chain in the country in number of units with 1,200 stores which generate systemwide sales of $400 million. RB associate editor Ralph Raffio spent four hectic days with Monaghan at the time he announced his purchase of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. With every local and national media rep trying to get an interview with the sports world’s newest celebrity, Raffio talked pizza with Monaghan, and not only learned every shortcut in Ann Arbor, but every aspect of Domino’s turnaround strategy.

Today, Tom Monaghan’s Domino’s Pizza is the second largest pizza chain the country, behind only Pizza Hut in total number of units. Its growth rate has been phenomenal, averaging 45 percent a year throughout the 70s. In the past five years, 1,000 units were added to the now 1,200-unit chain, five times its size in 1979. Last year’s sales exceeded $400 million system-wide, nearly seven times ’79 sales. Still privately held, the company has been valued at least $200 million, and will probably go public sometime in the near future.

But for a long time things weren’t nearly as good for the Ann Arbor-based chain, or its 46-year-old president. Domino’s has been on the razor’s edge of bankruptcy and survived a major lawsuit designed to strip it of its name.

Monaghan has been through two early partnerships, both turned sour, not to mention a devastating fire which nearly wiped him out.

Those who are close to him credit Domino’s founder with an unyielding survival instinct. Monaghan himself agrees, a devout Catholic who spent most of his early years in orphanages, foster homes and work farms in northern Michigan.

restaurantThe company’s history goes back to the early 60s, when Monaghan and his brother became partners in a failing restaurant, Dominick’s, across from a college campus in Ypsilanti. The partnership didn’t work out, ending in Monaghan’s buying out his brother’s share. A year later, lacking any knowledge of business finance (in school he had aspired to become an architect), he again took on a partner. That arrangement soon failed, leaving Monaghan to pay off his then bankrupt partner’s large debts.

In 1965, now on his own, the 28-year-old came upon the concept that would ultimately distinguish his company from others. He got rid of every item on Dominick’s menu except pizza. He took out the seats and went entirely to take-out and delivery; then he changed the name to Domino’s. While running Dominick’s, however, Monaghan experimented with various operations techniques and products, figuring that he’d succeed if he could consistently deliver pizza very fast and very hot. Until recently, Domino’s largest presence had been in college towns and near military bases. That has changed as a result of the chain’s expansion, and now residential areas account for most of the company’s growth.

Today, the chain, through carefully trained drivers and in-store personnel, and ovens in delivery cars, guarantees delivery in 30 minutes. Domino’s sells pizza and cola, nothing else. Delivery accounts for almost 90 pecent of total sales. Average unit sales are $460,000 annually, and many stores reach profitability by the third month of operating.

pizza marketing

The concept is kept simple, offering two sizes of pizza with a choice of 11 toppings. Some stores offer three sizes, though the company doesn’t promote that for simplicity’s sake. A pan pizza is being tested, but it’s too early to tell how the product will go over.

By 1968 there were eight stores. Sales were good, especially at the first store, a Victorian house which was also the company’s office and commissary. As luck would have it, though, a fire that year destroyed the store and everything else. Bob Cotman, now senior vice president-development, then Monaghan’s close friend and confidant, lived in the house but escaped injury.

Losing his best store, commissary and all his records, Monaghan, his wife, and Cotman went back to working the stores. The biggest problem was that commitments had already been made to open five more stores–Domino’s largest expansion program ever. Bound by agreement, the stores opened.

“I don’t know how we did it, but in six months we were caught up with all our bills and the stores were doing better than ever,” says Monaghan. “That’s when we took off on our next expansion plan which really killed us.”

What happened then was that a local investment firm got together with Monaghan to counsel him on how to make a public offering. First, of course, the seat-of-the-pants operation had to become more professional. Monaghan had to build an organization.

“I did everything they told me to do,” he says, looking back. He left his one-man law office in Ypsilanti for a larger firm in Detroit, and did the same with his accountant. He began hiring people with business degrees for management positions, but lacking foodservice skills.

“But the main thing was growth. That’s what gets the multiple up.” In 1969, Domino’s began the year with 12 stores, and in 10 months had grown to 44. The office became top-heavy, 29 people at peak, and many of those people, says Monaghan, “didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

“It was the growth they were talking about–what I had to produce in order to go public–that got me into trouble,” says Monaghan in regret. “We just went too far, too fast without being ready.”

The toughest spot

By 1970, Domino’s was in trouble. Having expanded too quickly, training and supervision suffered. Sales were down, and franchisees were dissillusioned. Worse, Monaghan owed back taxes and was unable to satisfy claims of more than 1,500 creditors.

The creditors panicked and demanded someone else run the company; Monaghan lost control that year. At the end of two years, stated an agreement signed by Monaghan, he would regain 49 percent of the company stock. (Today, Monaghan and his family own more than 90 percent.)

On top of losing control of the company, Monaghan was further discouraged when franchisees filed a Federal antitrust suit against Domino’s. Monaghan had set up a commissary system early on, a structure designed for quality purposes, he says not to make money. In fact, the commissary was losing money at the time. However, since he had more or less required franchisees to buy from the commissary, antitrust was in order. Franchisees then stopped paying royalties.

Monaghan lost control of Domino’s in May 1970. Contrary to the signed agreement, though, he got back control in March of ’71. What had essentially happened was that the executive put in charge of Domino’s a retired manufacturer who had little knowledge of the franchisor/franchisee relationship, had alienated franchisees even further. He immediately raised the price of commissary goods, while cutting back on services. The company’s performance did not improve either. Franchisees weren’t paying royalties, they stopped buying goods from the commissary, adn antitrust suits were still looming. Frustrated, the bank returned control to the company’s founder.

But Monaghan, who had always been sensitive toward franchisees, and who, he says, felt sorry for them during his forced absence, had another surprise waiting for him and when he got back. Franchisees, who by that time had become totally disillusioned with the company under the appointed president, went ahead with their antitrsut suit. That was just three weeks after Monaghan returned.

“I really though they’d be glad to get me back,” he says, obviously hurt by what had happened. “I had had it with the whole thing.”

Angered, Monaghan went o a pizza chain in Detroit and offered the company. “‘I don’t want it,’ i said. ‘I’ll take a few stores, but I don’t want the company.'” A week later, his offer was refused.

From a dollars and cents standpoint, Monaghan’s best move then would have been bankruptcy. His creditors still numbered about 1,500, and he hadn’t nearly caught up with his tax payments. He was well over $1 million in debt.

As he explains it, “I lived with the fear every day that someone else would put me into bankruptcy. But I wasn’t going to do it. It would have relieved all that pressure, but I had to make good to my creditors. I was literally living like a pauper, and the strain was almost unbearable, but I had to pay those people.”

He laid off his whole staff, except his wife and bookkeeper. During the days, he had to be in the office and available to creditors, the sheriff and pistol-armed bailiffs looking to impound anything of value. At night, he worked the stores. At that time, there were about 35 stores, a dozen that were company-owned. A third of those stores were doing poorly, as were some of the franchised stores, which Monaghan bought out with notes.

No longer retaining a law or accounting firm, Monaghan began digging himself out of debt. “I took bit discounts on settlements, as low as 20 or 30 cents on a dollar,” he says. “Then I’d spread those paymennts over a period of time, and slowly start paying off creditors.” Two things helped him most, he says, and both boiled down to isolating the company’s activities.

“First of all, I had to pay cash for everything. That helped me know just where I was at. There wasn’t any such thing as accounts payable anymore. So, and I don’t mind saying so, I did a masterful job on our cash flow. I broke it down by the day for three months, and got very good at it.”

Next, Monaghan set up the commissary system as a separate corporation. “By doing that I got rid of the busiest part of the business.” That allowed him to spend time concentrating on dealing with creditors and the bank.

By 1973 the franchisees’ antitrust suit had dissipated. Many came back into the fold, others were bought out or released from the system. Relations were becoming more solid. Monaghan still had his debts, but he was pulling out of trouble slowly. Careful training was again stressed, and stores perfrmed better because of it.

But again Monaghan hit a snag. About 1974 he took on the title of chairman, giving the presidenty to another Domino’s executive. Monaghan had earlier devised what he called a “49/51” program, which sold 49 percent of a corporate store to its manager. The new president replaced 49/51 with his own arrangement, which gave the manager about 25 percent of the profits, a program still in effect. However, the change caused ill will among managers. Some stores became unionized, as did the commissary. Supervision and training again were overlooked under the new president, franchisees felt they weren’t being supported with adequate services.

“In 1975 it was evident that we had done a bad job,” says Cotman. “We simply weren’t providing the opportunities or supervision we should have. Part of that, I think, was that the president wasn’t a people oriented person. He was a great second-in-command under Tom, but lacked the skills and understanding to oversee people.”

Most Domino’s executive attribute the company’s recent success to its high concentration on supervision and training. All Domino’s franchisees must have worked in a store for a year before becoming eligible for their own unit. The company does not grant franchises to investors; all licensees must work in the store.

“It’s the only way that makes sense to us,” says Cotman. “Someone who knows the operation has a better chance of being successful than someone who doesn’t.”

Domino’s began ’75 with 100 units, but ended the year with only 80. The 20 that were lost were break-away franhises. Monaghan assumed the presidency, and within two years the breakaways were back.

When he regained the presidency, Monaghan started laying the ground-work for serious long-term growth. He began by restructuring his management team, and expanding their responsibilities to include working in the field. Supervision was crucial. Traveling supervisors, called field consultants, would be responsible to service stores in designated areas. Under them were corporate areas. Under them were corporate area representatives, whose main concern was constant communications with franchisees. Each corporate area representative was responsible for between five and ten stores.

“That went a long way toward correcting the problem of insufficient training and oversight,” says Cotman. “It’s when we really got serious about doing a superb job supporting our franchisees.” Today, each franchised store is visited by a company representative once a month.

The final hurdle

But before Domino’s corporate restructuring went any further, a final obstacle had to be conquered. In 1975, Amstar Corp., maker of Domino Sugar, field a trademark infringement suit against Domino’s Pizza. (The sugar producer had filed an objection four years before that resulted in no action on either side.) By ’78 the case went to court.

In September of ’79, a federal judge in Atlanta rules against the pizza chain. New stores, he ordered, could not be called Domino’s, and existing sotres had to be renamed. At the time, a store was opening every three days.

Monaghan settled on a new name, Pizza Dispatch, and quickly began the changeover, but field an appeal in October. In April of 1980, a federal apeals court in New Orleans reversed the lower court’s decision. Monaghan has spent about $1.5 million on the case and countless hours traveling the country gathering reseearch and filing depositions.

At that time Domino’s numbered 150 stores, 40 of which were Pizza Dispatches. But Monaghan had yet another crucial decision to make. The new name, it turned out, tested much better than stores named Domino’s, and Monaghan had to consider the possibility of going with the new name, regardless of any struggle he and his team went through during the sale.

Cotman strongly argued to change over to Pizza Dispatch. “It proved much more successful, particularly in soft markets,” he says. But Monaghan resisted.

“When it came right down to it,” he says, “It just didn’t have the guts to do it. Bob was right, though. I should have changed the name. It was a better name, tests were proving that Pizza Dispatch defined the concept much better than Domino’s ever will. But I didn’t want to get into a situation with the franchisees; they put a lot more value on a name than it really deserves; nevertheless, it’s the way they think and changing the name would have caused internal problems I just wasn’t up to facing.” Across the board, everthing switched back to Domino’s.

“Fighting the suit did an extraordinary thing in building our morale and confidence. When adversity dissipated, we felt like nothing could stop us,” says Cotman. “There always seemed to be an obstacle to our growth,” says Dave Black, vice president-operations, who started with Domino’s as a store manager 12 years ago. “After the Amstar case, that seemed to change.”

The organization

In 1980, Domino’s, now grown to almost 400 stores had $98 million in system-wide sales, decentralized. The company was broken down into six regional areas: Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio. Field consultants, now in charge of a regional office, became known as regional directors. A controllr and coordinators for training, franchising, advertising and marketing were added to each regional office.

Marketing and Advertising

Black says that decentralization has helped operations. “It’s allowed us to keep supervision as close to the stores as possible, and that works very well,” he says.

Also about this time, Monaghan brought in Don Vlcek to tighten up commissary operatons. Vlcek, president of Domino’s Pizza Distribution Corp., asked Monaghan for a Six-month moratorium on building commissaries (there were 10 at the time). Fourteen months later, having concentrated efforts on training managers and increasing sales, commissary building resumed, going from 10 to 18 in six months.

“What had been happening, prior to our cleaning things up, was that anyone willing to relocate was given a key, an address and a plane ticket, and told ‘Here, go run a commissary,'” says Vlcek. “There wasn’t any training or guidance as to how you’d go about running a commissary. There wasn’t any paperwork system; managers weren’t even given a P and L.”

Vlcek and Doug Dawson, Domino’s vice president and treasurer, began quarterly training simenars. The sessions resembled mini business courses, covering topics ranging from basic business philosophy to the nuts and bolts of running a commissary.

Dawson joined Domino’s in ’78, when Monaghan’s primary goal was to develop a strong executive team. Dawson had been with Arthur Andersen & Co., and had worked on auditing Domino’s for two years.

“The company had outgrown its management team,” says Dawson. “When I came on board, there was a controller, a training director, and Tom ran operations. Tom needed a strong team to handle the growth.” From that point on, Monaghan has evolved from a hands-on operator to a corporate executive. Dawson handles finance, Black operations, and Cotman, who had formed his own company–now Dominos’ design firm–returned as Monaghan’s second-in-command.

Strategy for growth

Since franchises must come up through the Domino’s system, growth truly depends on consistently turning out quality people who have been adequately trained. That has been a priority of Domino’s for a long time. And, since the chain has become so large, there shouldn’t be a shortage of managers-turned franchisees.

To encourage franchisees to move managers through the system, Domino’s has established a sponsorship program. A franchisee who has trained a manager, and who will lose him when he decides to open his own store, receives a one percent share of the new franchisee’s royalty payments for four years.

“That helps to encourage franchisees to act more unselfishly,” says Cotman. “The program seems to work very well.” The franchise fee is $3,500, with a 5.5 percent annual royalty fee. A typical store requires about $160,000 in start-up costs.

Another, and more complex issue facing the chain is capturing the take-out customer. In rough figures, 30 percent of pizza consumers eat in restaurants, another 30 percent are carry-out customers, 16 percent have it delivered, and the rest buy frozen in stores or other ways.

“The leaves a lot of room for us,” says Cotman. “We’ve got to convince the carry-out customer that we can deliver a pizza faster than he can get it himself. We’ve also got to show him we can get it to him a lot hotter and in better shape. We’ve got to do quite a bit of attitude adjusting.”

One interesting note regarding this is the result of Domino’s drive-through windows. Only a few stores have them, but so far results have been surprising.

“We’ve noticed that sales have increased in those units,” says Cotman, “But the increases haven’t been generated through the drive-in windows, they’ve been in delivery.” What Cotman and other Domino’s executives believe is that pick-up customers are exposed to the store’s operations, and see drivers moving fast. That, they think, changes a customer’s mind about delivery.

Domino’s stores are opening with higher sales now (about $9,000 a week), partly because of increased awareness, partly because of greater opening store promotions and marketing. Domino’s does not advertise on television nationally, only radio, Franchisees contribute three percent of sales to an ad fund. About half is returned to support local ads.

But the chain–though growing rapidly–can do even more to capture the take-out market, says Cotman. “In a typical market where we’ve got a presence, stores are located about 1.5 miles apart. That frequently means that one store is servicing 20,000 addresses. But we’ve opened stores in areas covering only 2,000 addresses, and they’re doing the same sales as the others. That tells us that we can tighten delivery areas, put in more stores, and not hurt any one store’s sales. We’re losing some of the market to pick-up customers where we’re not placing stores closer together.”

Two years ago, Domino’s national awareness was about seven percent. Right now that is probably closer to 40 percent, and the company’s goal is 80 percent total national awareness by 1985. Awareness has grown along with unit increases.

Monaghan’s goal is to have 5,000 units within the next five years, at which point, he says, he’ll consider being chairman again and appoint another CEO, a position that will be filled from within the company. Though a public offering is imminent, Monaghan will not commit himself either way. Even company insiders are hard pressed to predict when the founder will make a move.

They stress the fact that Domino’s doesn’t need to make a public offering in order to grow. And it doesn’t. The company, whose equity has hovered around $25 million, even has a $52 million revolving loan, of which it used very little last year.

“We’ve got a lot of momentum. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done for the long term,” says Monaghan, the new owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. “We do one thing. Not many do.”

“What’s kept me going through the bad times was remembering what a great company we had at the beginning,” he says, noticeably moved by his own thoughts. “A lot of good people wanted to work for us, banks wanted to lend us money, investment bankers wanted to take us public. But mostly we had a lot of charisma in the community.

“Back then, Domino’s was a great company. Now we’re on the border of becoming one again.”