Do You Know All These Living Room Furniture And Their Usage?

Living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, so that’s the reason why it must be well decorated. In fact, there are many types of furniture for you to choose, but it’s quite a challenge for you to know what is good for your room style and decoration. The options are countless, but you should know what to choose because you can’t put all of them into your living room without any arrangements. Maybe you can use the best ceiling fans from the online store and pass the vintage coffee table, or use some wall cabinets instead of living room wardrobe. In this article, I will show you some types of living room furniture so that you can decide which one is the best for your room style.

room style

Basically, living room is the place mostly used for welcoming guests when they visit you, or it’s a lovely place for your family to gather around daily. This is also the place where you can demonstrate your style and characteristics. So I’m pretty sure that you would love to spend time in decorating the living room with your own style.

There are many factors that can affect the living room furniture demand, but to my opinion, the most important 3 features is budget (how much money you have and how you can spend), the taste of decoration (which one would you like and which one is your favorite based on colors, shapes and styles) and last but not least – the theme of the living room (how you create the background of the room, which color would be the main tone…). After answering those question, you can find it easy and fun doing this home improvement job for your house. Make sure that you can know the importance of certain type of furniture, so that you can choose the essential ones for your living room. Below are some suggestions for you to consider.

  1. Chairs

It’s a very important type of living room furniture for any houses. Yet there are many types of chairs, but you must know your current theme and background of your living room, so that the chairs you choose could perfectly fit into. You know that if the chairs don’t go well with other components of the house, it would be a completely failure that you can’t fix easily.

Living room Chairs

You can choose from wide range of chairs: from the rocking chair for elders to the folding chairs if your living room is quite small and needs spaces whenever there’s no guests around. Or you can choose a bean bag chair – a kid’s favorite. The chairs can be used in many purposes if you know how, and the arrangement for seats can become much easier with the appearance of chairs.

  1. Sofas

Sofas are the furniture that completes the living room. It’s the essential part of the room. Without some sofas, living room might not have its spirit as well. You can search for the types of sofas on the internet. The stores have many sizes, shapes and colors that you might interested in. In addition, notice the materials of the sofas. It is decided mostly by the style of your room.

  1. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans

Nowadays, people tend to use ceiling fans instead of air conditioner, because they want to save the money and energy, and also the decorative purpose as well. The ceiling fan is very easy to choose because there are many types that are introducing on market. Beside, ceiling fans with lamps can be a good spotlight on the living room ceiling. It can be used to cover the weaknesses of small and narrow living room. The ceiling fan is very good at making the air in living room move inside and outside thus makes the atmosphere refreshing and relaxed.

Of course there is so much other living room furniture that I want to show you, so you can have a brief look at those choices. Although the furniture is in wide range of selection, you should remember 3 main factors that I told you about living room decoration. Don’t overpay for anything if you’re not sure about applying it into your house.

Cooking Tips You Might Not Know About the Slow Cooker

In the modern life, not all people have enough time to prepare a well – cooked meal with many dishes at the same time. They don’t have all the time to cook each dish separately. That’s why people invented the slow cooker. It is a kitchen appliance that helps you to hand free from having to wait and adjust the ingredients continuously during the cooking process. You just need to prepare the ingredients, push the buttons and the food will be cooked for you – of course automatically. However, cook a dish using the slow cooker is very far from using it for the whole meal but still keep the flavor and the color of the food. Even the best slow cooker needs a handy housewife to work with its best. In this article, I will show you some small cooking tips to be a handy cook.

best slow cooker

Never forget to boost up the flavors!

This tips is like an extra step to make your meal more colorful and mouth – watering. It’s not a must – have step for every cuisine. You can follow this or not if you don’t have time for some decorations and flavor adding. If you are in a hurry, just pour all of them inside the pot and leave it there until the food is cooked perfectly. The food is still good though.

On the other hand, the food would be so delicious and colorful if it has some little extra preparations. The meat is perfect with a brown and crunchy coat, the skillet would be perfect for some pre – fry for a little brown coat outside the meat. You can do the same thing with the vegetables. The coat can be kept with the meat or it can be put inside the slow cooker to increase the flavor for the cuisine. You can’t imagine the effects until you try doing it. It would be like no others.

The temperature is the key factor!

Some people say that no matter how you use the slow cooker, the food will still be fresh and juicy. It has a point I have to admit, but not with the wrong temperature. Basically, the heat can cook the food without damaging the nutrition inside, but it can also harm the food from the inside.

There is a range of temperature called “Danger Zone” which is between 40 degrees and roughly around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you know why this heat range is danger? Because it is the best environment for the bacteria to develops and breeds. That’s why you should not keep the food inside the cooker for too long without turning it on.

Slow cooking

Frozen ingredients are very dangerous to cook not because of the heat comparison. It’s because of the heating process. If the food is too cold, the cooker can heat it up fast enough and that would be the perfect condition for the bacteria to grow up.

To avoid falling into the Danger Zone, don’t try to cook the food without slicing it into small pieces. If you try to cook the whole fish or a big duck, even though the size of the cooking pot is still fit, because of the volume taken by the food, it would not be cooked evenly both inside and outside. Therefore to guarantee the food safety, you should divide the vegetables or the meat into small pieces and cook with moderate heat. Of course the time taken to cook the food would be longer but it would be safer and the temperature would be far from the Danger Zone.

In almost every recipe, there is a size limit and a heat instruction for the cuisine. With the size, it would normally more than 5 to 6 quarts so that the slow cooker would not be under filled. So if your family is not crowded of people, you can cook once for more than 2 meals. Just make sure that your food is satisfied with the food safety. Another thing is about the heat. You have to follow the rules so that the food can be cooked perfectly. Don’t forget to check the cooker for about 30 minutes before serving the meal.