What Should Not You Do with Your Record Player?

Through one century, all generations of the record players were still used in most of the family. These devices turn the vinyl records to create the sweet sounds. There are a lot of turntable reviews. Most of them are the positive reviews. In fact, this product is always upgraded and improved to meet the demand of the users.

Moreover, they have many models, shapes, and prices for the choice of people. You can only spend more than 100 dollars to have a new record player. Or you must take near 1000 dollars to own the best turntable.  Although you buy the good product or the normal product you also use it in the right way to maintain your turntable. Therefore, there are some things which you should not do with this device. In this writing, I will list what to avoid which you should know when using a record player.

Knowing Some Parts of a Turntable

It is very important that all parts of a turntable must be operated properly. When knowing the working of these components such as a motor, cartridge, plinth, platter, and tone-arm should use and care it in proper.

  • The wooden material for the plinth of record playerWith the cartridge, it will create the electronic signal and allow the stylus moving on the record’s surface.
  • Besides, the motor is often designed with a belt drive or a direct drive. Depending on the type of turntable you can choose the suitable motor for your record player. And two kinds of these motors have fans.
  • How about the plinth? Normally, the plinths will be attached to the record player very solid. The material of the plinth may make the wooden or from the different materials. It depends on the style of each turntable.
  • Then, we should note the platter. It is a circle part and spins the vinyl record. With each platter, it has the different turning speeds and the common speeds are 33 or 45 revolutions per minute.
  • Finally, the tone-arm is an important part which you should know its operation. The tone-arm has the cartridge and the needle. They will move on the surface of the record. It has often a counterweight. This will help the tone-arm to balance and to your turntable operate properly.

You should know that all components of a record player will affect the quality of sounds. So you should know the functions of each part on a turntable. This helps you care your device better.

Some Things to Avoid When Using the Record Player

Surely, you are very surprised when I list some things that we should not do with a record player. You usually think that they are very normal. However, they can seriously affect your turntable. Let’s see them as follows:

  1. Do Not Combine All Vinyl Records Together

How to store the vinyl record properlyThis is a way to store your vinyl records. If you do not know how to store them in the right way your vinyl record can be curved or scratched. You never combine all of them each other.

It is better to have the each cover for each vinyl record and have the name for every cover. You will easy to find the record while you want to listen.

In addition, the vinyl record must store upright. You can arrange them like your books on the shelf.

  1. Do Not Play A Wet Record

You can spray a little mist on your record and dry it before you place the vinyl record on the platter of the turntable. However, you never play a wet record. In fact, with the wet record, you can create the good condition to water into the grooves. This will damage the needle and the cartridge as well as all other components of your record player.

  1. Do Not Force The Platter to Stop When It Is Spinning

In any case, you should not force the platter to stop when your turntable is still spinning because this will scratch both the record’s surface and your vinyl record. Especially, many people see the performance of DJ and compare. However, all DJs use the belt drive with less torque. Moreover, the turntable of DJ also designs more special.

Actually, the platter will need to stop completely. At this time, you can take the vinyl record out off the platter.

  1. Do Not Touch The Record

Why do you must protect your vinyl record carefully? It is very easy because you want it to avoid the dust or do not damage the surface of the record for any reason.

Thus, you never touch on it with the bare fingers. You can remain the skin oil and the dust on it. These will affect the quality of sound which your record player operates.

In short, to using the record player you should know some basic knowledge how to use properly and what to avoid. I think these are the most basic factors which you need to have. I hope this information will be very useful for your turntable.